Deliah Swann

General Information

Name Deliah Swann
Clan Daeva
Covenant The Circle of the Crone
Status Respected (City Status 4) ••••
Player Alexcia

Sire: ~Blink Blink ?~
Bloodline: ~Pure Daeva Awesome~
Notable Traits: Striking looks (4) Reliable, Generous, Humane, Loyal to the Prince,
Titles: Herald of the Prince, Heirophant for the Circle of the Crone
Coteries/Societies: Circle of the Crone, Gentry of Waitakere

IC History

Public Knowledge

Deliah is extremely loyal to the Prince
She is a very Young Vampire, Embraced on the Night of the Riots

IC Rumours

  • Deliah is a Lesbian, and had a fling with the Gangrel Charybdis before she disappeared..
  • She was Dating the Mehket Dragan Vargus before he left for South America..
  • Deliah was involved with the now-dead Alpha Werewolf, Gray, before Gabrielle White stole him away..
  • She doesn't drink Human Blood..
  • She is secretly the Childe of the Prince..
  • Deliah and her Covenant had an Orgy with the Werewolf Llewellyn, before he dissapeared..
  • She and her Covenant run naked through the Waitakere ranges..
  • Deliah is Prince Grey's Puppet, and he controls the City through her..

IC Quotes

"Yes, my Prince.."
"I don't Know, My Prince.." *cringe*

OOC Info

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