Dr Thomas Young

General Information

Name Dr. Thomas P. Young
Clan Mekhet
Covenant The Ordo Dracul
Status Your details here
Player Alan

Sire: Not named.
Bloodline: None admitted to.
Notable Traits: Professional, diplomatic
Titles: Speaker of Clan Mekhet
Coteries/Societies: None spoken about.

IC History

Dr Thomas Young arrived in Auckland from Scotland in early 2008 and set about getting himself established within the medical community. His reasons for coming to Auckland were not related to the attacks on the supernatural beings of the city, in fact he expressed surprise at the sudden attacks and and the subsequent co-operation between the various factions.

Public Knowledge

  • Thomas Young keeps a formal manner about him at all times in public and keeps his personal life personal.
  • His retainer acts as a P.A. and secretary.
  • He is driven as a doctor, but keeps a very human-like manner of caring even while he practices medicine.

IC Rumours

  • His body is quite ravaged under the the coat that he always wears.
  • Supporting the English and putting down the Scottish people to his face is guaranteed to make him frenzy.
  • Has deliberately avoided studying fighting, despite visiting different martial artists over recent months for long periods of time.

IC Quotes

"If ye dinnae mind, I'd like t' speak tae ye fer a moment. In private if ye dinnae mind."

OOC Info

It is next to impossible to contact him directly. All public calls to him go through his P.A. during the day and he has a message service that he checks regularly during the night. He works at Ascot Hospital. However, he will give out a number that will reach him at night and that he will answer. If it is taken advantage of, he will simply change the number.

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