Gabrielle White

General Information

Name Gabrielle White
Clan Mehket
Covenant The Carthian Movement
Status Recognised. ••
Player Rowena

Sire: No-one near here
Bloodline: None admitted to
Notable Traits: Outgoing, Democratic
Titles: Prefect of The Carthian Movement Auckland
Coteries/Societies: The Carthian Movement

IC History

Arrived in Auckland shortly after the February 2007 riots from New York City. Has been Carthian prefect since her arrival.
Joined the Prince's Primogen Council when it was established, as the Carthian Movement representative.

Public Knowledge

  • Younger sister of Gideon White. They had a difficult relationship. Gabrielle professed to dislike her brother, and they have had several public arguments. However since Gideon has joined The Carthian Movement they seemed to have settled their differences.
  • Has not coped with the loss of her brother very well.
  • Prefect and Primogen of The Carthian Movement.
  • Called Gabbie by her friends, Gabrielle by aquaintainces, and Ms. White by enemies (or polite aquaintainces).
  • Very passionate about The Carthian Movement.

IC Rumours

  • Gabrielle and Deliah Swann have mutual animosity towards each other.
  • Was intimately involved with the werewolf Gray.
  • Has consumed werewolf blood.
  • Enjoys drinking "happy juice" (drug tainted blood).
  • Knows people who know people. Gabrielle can get you just about any thing you need.
  • Has had sex with most of the Auckland City Council.
  • Had had sex with most of Auckland, Supernatural -and- human..
  • Is a typical rabble-rousing Carthian.
  • Is dangerous and overly violent.

IC Quotes

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