Gideon White

General Information

Name Gideon White
Clan Gangrel
Covenant The Carthian Movement
Status Valued. •••
Player Dave

Sire: Maybe someone in New York.
Bloodline: Not that you know of.
Notable Traits:
Titles: Sheriff and Gangrel Speaker

IC History

Arrived in Auckland after the February 2007 riots from New York City.
Soon become one of the Prince's Hounds and was granted Domain of Western Springs and St Lukes.
This year he has declared that Western Springs was closed to all Supernaturals and none may enter without his permission.
Was made Sheriff August 2008.
Died in the explosion of the Tenguard building September 2008.

Public Knowledge

Older brother of Gabrielle White

IC Rumours

  • Survived so many werewolf attempts on his life he's known as "Mr Lucky".
  • Left the Circle of the Crone because he wasn't into their lesbian sex rituals.

IC Quotes

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