The setting is Auckland, New Zealand, present day. In February 2007, the students of the University of Auckland protested fee increases. The protest turned into a riot, and much havoc was caused. During this time, nearly all the supernaturals of the three factions were killed. Those that survived were those that were out of the city at the time, and the three powerful leaders of each faction: The Vampire, Prince Grey; the Alpha Werewolf, Eric; and the Mage Leader, Lord Andreas.

In the year that has passed since the riot, newcomers have flocked to the city. Some look for opportunity to advance, other return to their home city seeking for loved ones lost during the riots, and yet other arrive to solve the mystery of what caused mortals to destroy the supernaturals. Whatever their reason for being here, all are bound by the Truce, ordered by the leaders of the three factions. Despite their inherent differences, the three factions are ordered to work together, to prevent a repeat of the destruction that took place.


This timeline is under construction. Bold text indicate supernatural activity. Regular text shows mortal public knowledge.
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  • A student protest march turns into a full blown riot. The majority of the supernatural population is wiped out during the riots.


  • 5th - Supernaturals have been arriving in Auckland from all over the world following the February riots. The leaders of the three faction, Prince Grey, Lord Andreas and Eric hold a meeting for all the new inhabitants of the city. The factions are to co-operate and discover who or what caused the massacre.
  • 5th - Unknown vampires are seen on Broadway, Newmarket, attacking mortals and blatantly feeding. A group of Kindred go to prevent a Breach of the Masquerade. They return with the bodies of several dead mortals and two of the unknown kindred.


  • 2nd - Several families are butchered, all with names starting with 'W'. It appears the killers are using the phone book to choose their targets. Several Kindred manage to apprehend the culprits, who turn out to be the Belial's Brood vampires that attack in Newmarket the previous month, and are turned over to Prince Grey.
  • 2nd - Those that remain at Elysium try to overcome some of the cultural differences between the groups and hold a 'Supernatural 101' class.
  • The Dominon pack, led by their Alpha Gray assert their terrritory and declare any vampire or ghoul caught within its bounds shall be put to Final Death. No exceptions, even if the kindred is in torpor and being taken to the morgue by the mortal authorities. The Kindred do not take this announcement well and tensions between the two races rise.
  • Gideon White is found on a Link bus going through the Dominion pack's territory and is attacked by them in front of terrified bus riders. Gideon escapes and the incident is reported as an animal attack by mortal authorities.


  • 7th - Prince Grey via Tool holds trials to determine who will become his Hounds. Contenders must enter a building, and exit through the roof with a dog tag. The tags are being held by The Belial's Brood vampires captured last month. The Prince inlists the help of the Dominion Werewolf pack to also attack the potential Hounds. Gideon White and Isten Kardja emerge victorious.
  • 7th - Prince Grey via Tool offers the position of Master of Elysium to whomever finds and deals with something planted within the Elysium. Dragan Vargas succeeds.


  • 2nd - Prince Grey was in attendance this meeting. Dominion complain to Prince Grey of Gideon White's tresspass on their territory. Gideon White was punished and Prince Grey declares that any Kindred found on Dominion's territory must be handed back to him for punishment - in torpor if necessary. The werewolves are not permitted to inflict Final Death on Prince Grey's subjects.
  • 2nd - Gabrielle White and I.C.E. report that there is a strange compound in South Auckland full of Black Power and Mongrel Mob members. The inhabitants of the compound are conducting human sacrifices and bribing police and the council to ignore their illegal structures. Gabrielle White obtains a recording of the strange occult chanting going on within the compound. Much discussion ensues over what should be done about this cult.
  • 21st - The south Auckland HQ of the Mongrel Mob and Black Power gangs were targeted today by a joint task force of Police and Council authorities as the barricades around the property were forcibly removed.
  • 23rd - Kindred attacked the cultists compound and went in with guns ablazing. Mustard gas was also used.
  • 23rd - At 3.10am, 23rd of August, an explosion and gunfire was reported from the vicinity of the South Auckland headquarters of the Black Power and Mongrel Mob Chapters. Indeed it would appear that this very site was the target of an elaborate and well executed massacre. Initial reports indicate that some sort of chemical gas and explosive devices were used during the attack. Police have said that they suspect that the Gangs had become infested with some sort of 'Suicide Cult'.


  • 6th - Ginta from the future appeared and gave the city a cryptic warning. Marcelle leaps into the time portal and disappears. The Mages Awaken into their powers causing much chaos in the Elysium. Prince Grey orders (Josh's character) punished for his breach of Elysium during the Awakening.
  • A local acting school has started mime classes. Attendance has been remarkably high for reasons unknown to the organises, so much so that additional classes are being scheduled to cope with the extra demand.
  • 25th -Several houses Green Bay along the same beach were destroyed by forces as yet unknown. Investigators have stated that the damage is consistent with land slides and are currently looking for the cause. The houses were predominantly wood and are almost completely destroyed.
  • 28th - There was a detonation last night in Auckland Central as the loading dock and several studios of Camwest/TV3 exploded. The police are out in force and the Goverment has released a statement that the perpetrators of these Terrorist actions will be held accountable.
  • 30th - The Police moved in force today to impose a curfew. Starting at 7pm tonight any vehicles on the road may be pulled over and the drivers questiond or detained if unable to provide reasonable reasons for being out. After 11pm any vehicle on the road will be stopped and anyone without the proper authority or pass will be detained and prosecuted.


  • 6th - Game Night - what happened??
  • 19th - In a scene reminiscent of February's riots, Queen Street was once again plunged into anarchy as protesters took to marching up Queen Street in a deliberate attempt to break the curfew. Police were taken by surprise at the speed at which the rioters assembled, and the preparedness of some of the individuals involved. Participants mainly included students and nightclub workers though scatterings of patched gang members were seen throughout the mob. The hardcore protesters were joined by opportunists just wanting a fight with police, and they got it. Police were pelted with rocks and missiles, forcing a brief retreat. The protestors gained Aotea Square and seemed to have achieved a victory over the Police when suddenly the Town Hall clocktower exploded, scattering debris over the crowd below. Police swiftly moved in, assisted by the Army, and rounded up all 800 protesters - who are currently being detained down by the docks, awaiting transfer to a remand facility. With the recent arrests made in the East Coast Bays area and the 'alledged' bombing of the Town Hall, Auckland finds itself on the razors edge - with Police and Radicals facing off across the city.


  • 3rd - Pack Dominion hold the monthly meeting on their territory. Those interested visit the museum to see the strange Olmec Statue being held there.
  • ? - Dominion and a few kindred fight plague bearing rats. The werewolf Nathan is killed during the fight.
  • 2nd - Mimes have been seen performing on several street corners around the CBD. Public watchdogs complain about the uniformity of the performers.
  • 21st - The chief instructor of a Tai-Kwon-Do academy was recently seen in discussions with one of the instructors at one of the new mime schools. What was discussed is not known, but it is believed to be something regarding classes for beginners.
  • 25th - A mime street performer was brutally attacked by parties unknown or unidentified.
  • 28th - The Sunday Star-Times has reported that the mysterious meeting between the martial arts instructor and the head of one of the mime schools was to begin training the new mimes in a form of extreme mime terrorism. It has been reported that the police are currently keeping that particular mime school under a specialist surveillance operation, having brought in a couple of anti-terror experts from the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • 28th - The NZ Herald has reported that the head of a local martial arts school has enrolled in a mime course to assist in body movement and control, as well as to share an activity with his wife of fifteen years. Seen as a touching gesture of love and faithfulness, the two are reportedly unconcerned about the recent anti-mime propaganda.
  • 28th - A new medical blood test has been developed to combat blood-borne diseases. It is a three step process that compares the subject’s blood sample against a control bank. Amnesty International is concerned that it also could be used for illegal genetic profiling by law enforcement agencies. The health service are pushing for it to be made compulsory for all residents as there are suspicions of a malarial outbreak coming.
  • Several mothers, concerned with the rise in crime and the bizarre nature of some acts have decided that role-playing is a disease and is to blame, as such they have forged an anti-role-playing lobby. Called Mothers Against Role-playing Syndrome, or M.A.R.S., they are starting to campaign for all role-playing utilities – books, dice, programs based on games – to be restricted or preferably banned. At present it has little support but word of mouth is getting it spread.


  • 1st - Game Night - what happened??



  • 2nd - The Supernatural community are all on edge on the 1st anniversary of the riot and massacre. A double tail comet appears in the sky which many consider an ominous portent. Gabrielle White announces that her brother Gideon White is missing. The city discusses who might be responsible for the attacks a year ago. Suspicion falls on Tenguard Consortium and their links to the Statues in the museum. A group of supernaturals go to the Auckland Museum to investigate the Statues. The jaguars on the Statues wake up and a fight occurs, leaving some injured and Gray dead.
  • 5th - Gabrielle White organises a group of Kindred to look for her missing brother.
  • 11th - The Controversial blood testing bill is to be read before Parliament for the first time as it will be used for DNA typing by both the police and health screening for the health service. The Green party is actively opposed to it, both Labour and National are divided and the Maori Party refuses to co-operate with anything that could and will “lead to an active persecution of the Maori People by false and illegal police and health official activity.” Other minority groups however are welcoming the bill for health reasons but are wanting the police rider removed.
  • 11th - With little to no warning to the public at large, the mime schools have closed their doors across Auckland. The rapid closure has caught several students off guard and has led to a vast swelling of discontent.
  • The closure of the mime schools is thought to be a direct result of the curfew currently being imposed.
  • Covert mime schools are being rumoured to exist and that the visible schools closed to keep the hidden ones alive following the recent persecutions of anyone who looked even slightly like a mime.
  • The Sunday Star Times has reported that whatever insidious plan that was being brewed in secret by the ‘mimes’ is soon to be put to fruition, and warns people to stay off the streets at night to prevent the danger that these ‘students of silence’ might wield against them.
  • The Destiny Church has publically lamented the closing of the schools as it was a most effective way to keep young people off the streets and to broaden their minds. A spokesperson for the church has said “While we would prefer these young men and women devoting their minds to Christ and a life of purity that we can provide, these schools taught nothing that was immoral or illegal in the eyes of our Maker. We will be petitioning the government to allow these schools to be re-opened immediately.”
  • The Auckland City council issued a statement stating that it has had nothing at all to do with the closure of the schools and that all closings were completely voluntary by the Mime Schools. Furthermore they have stated that any accusations that the Mime schools were a breeding ground for deviants or trouble makers has been completely unfounded following under-cover and overt police investigations of the schools.
  • The NZ Herald reports that the schools have all closed due to ‘unexpected financial difficulties’, believed to have been brought about by a rapid drop of student numbers following several incidents of harassment and violence.
  • M.A.R.S (Mothers Against Role-playing Syndrome) has applauded the closure of the mime schools. A spokeswoman told radio talkback that “The schools promoted role-playing of the worst kind, the so called Live Action. In this, people are forced to become [things] that that they are not and act in ways that are just not natural. We have heard of a report of one such Live Action Role-Play that promoted acts that strain the very decency of our society. What is more, it was watched in lust by all those not taking part. They even took photographs of it and posted it on the internet!”
  • 11th - Reports of a Moa being sighted in the Waitakerie ranges is being met with both scorn and fascination. The Waitakerie city council is refusing to investigate what it deems to be an elaborate and well constructed hoax.
  • 11th - Four people have vanished from the small township of Piha. Two vacationers from Australia and two from Christchurch, their disappearance had not been noticed until recently when neighbours noticed that the bungalow that they had rented had been broken into. There is no sign of a struggle and police have advised that travel documents, rental car and other valuable possessions belonging to the four were still present. Police are currently following upon leads but have appealed to the public if they know anything at all.
  • Feb 17th - Police closed a section of Cook Street in Howick this morning as Fire Service fought and extinguished a large fire in a restaurant. The Northern Communications Centre received a number of 111 calls reporting an explosion at the Café Hasan Baba just after 3.00 am. Furniture and debris from the premises was strewn across the road and into the cemetery opposite.
  • 23rd - Two mimes staged a mock fist fight in Aotea square for over half an hour before a large crowd. Police attended the scene rapidly, but were reduced to laughter as the mimes maintained a minimum of two metres between each other. Eye-witnesses reported that the choreographed fight rapidly evolved from simple fisticuffs to very advanced martial arts techniques, all with appropriate reactions. Even weapons were mimed with the two individuals reacting appropriately. They received loud applause and were escorted off by police peacefully as some people started demanding an encore and getting a little restless when one was not given. The NZ Herald reported the event as a wonderful fusion of Western and Eastern art that can delight and amaze. The Sunday Star Times reported it as the brazen activities of those who fight in silence, numbing the minds of the public to the very real threat of silent killers in their midst.
  • 24th - Former 80’s American rock band The Splash played at their hugely anticipated concert to much controversy. A special dispensation was given for curfew to be lifted for that night, but it came with the rider that any arrests will land significant jail time or extremely heavy fines.Hundreds of fans came to the concert, some trying desperately to get tickets at the gate off other event goers. A large number of arrests were made as clashes became violent. Inside the grounds, event goers were highly surprised to find beer and wine on sale as well as hot dogs, though they were advised that no food or alcohol could be taken into the concert arena. Several fans took it upon themselves to get very drunk as a result and were ejected, those merely tipsy were allowed to stay.


  • 1st - Dominion pack led by their new Alpha Lu Al Salem hold a memorial service for Gray. What else happened this game? Prince attacked? declares traitor??(josh's character - what was his name?)
  • The mime schools have refused all calls as to why they have closed and are not speaking publically on the matter. Several of the former instructors have now changed their numbers due to the sheer volume of calls.
  • 3rd - Feathers have been found in the Waitakeries that do not match any living species of bird. Coupled with the moa sightings, various Iwi are being approached for any feathers that are known to have come from the now extinct moa for genetic testing. While others are happily donating a feather or two that has survived, Te Taumata Runanga (the Waitakerie Maori High Council) are having nothing publically to do with the matter, but are reportedly drawing up a land claim that encompasses the entirety of the Waitakerie district.
  • 15th - A call has gone out throughout all drama schools to hold a candle-light vigil at the war memorial in memorial for the perceived forced losure of the mime schools. The organisers have gone on record regarding this, saying that “the closure of the {mime} schools is another sign of the death of art and culture that has been going on steadily for the last twenty years.
  • 15th - M.A.R.S. is planning a protest at the candle memorial, saying that the organisers are deluded and that they have most likely been brain-washed by the mimes into believing that theirs was in fact a serious art as opposed to a secret induction into the corruption that is roleplaying.
  • 15th - Pictures of James Gray have been circulating for a month with appeals for him to come forward. Now the Police have offerd a $80,000 reward for information leading to his capture and arrest in reguards to Theft and Vandalisim at the museum. People are warned that he is dangerous and suspected to be armed and should not be approached.
  • 15th - In connection with the theft and vandalisim Mrs Lu Al Salem has been arrested and taken into custody, Mrs Al Salem came forth voluntarily and has had bail set at $20000 due to flight risk.
  • 25th - Several dozen Billboards have been painted completly black. many of these in highly prominent areas, the billboard company involved advised that it was part of a new advertising campaign and that "It will be one to watch with the lights off when it was finished".


  • 5th - Game Night - what happened? There is much consernation over the bilboards being changed to fangs and the implied threat to the Masquerade by Tenguard Consortium. Gideon White returns and makes Western Springs off limits to all Supernaturals.
  • 5th - The black bilboards are changed to black with a picture of fangs. Later that evening several bilboards are blown up.
  • 5th - Just after midnight the overcast sky finally lets loose. Rain begins to pour and Aucklanders look set for a wet weekend
  • 13th - While the rest of the country suffers some of the worst drought conditions seen over the past ten years, Auckland remains soaked, already receiving this quarters rainfall in just seven days. Roads in the lower suburbs of Auckland are becoming impassable and stormwater drains are submerged. Homes and businesses alike are being hit by floods as the water table rises, and emergency services are stretched to breaking point.
  • 20th -A few days ago, people reported a highly unusual occurrence. All along both High Street and Lorne Street, some one to two hundred people stopped moving for no visible reason. This was both inside shops and outside on the street. While many thought it highly amusing, others became un-nerved as for a good five to ten minutes, the people remained motionless. The most eerie was that three people were in mid pedal on bikes. Then, as if released by some unseen power, the human statues resumed their movements as if nothing was the matter.
  • 20th - There have been several posters going up around the city with the following slogans:

• “If someone shoots a mime with a silenced pistol, is there any sound at all?”
• “Does anyone care if a tree falls on a mime in the forest? The Green party cares. The tree is now Tainted.”
• “Save the Whales! Kill a mime.”
• “Mime Control – putting a stop on silent death.”
• “If silence is golden, mimes are Fools Gold.”
No-one has claimed responsibility for the posters.

  • 20th - A low budget NZ computer magazine has reported an outbreak of the “Q” virus in the Phillips Fox towers. The virus apparently stops any program recognising the Q key being depressed and in some extreme cases holds the Q key down, forcing the key-stroke to be continually repeated. PC World is dismissing these reports as a “Well perpetuated hoax.” The owners of the Phillips Fox towers have so far refused to make any public statement.
  • 20th - The Destiny Church is bemoaning the appearance of the fanged billboards around the city as an obvious corruption of the true values of society and the fall of humanity from the Grace of God. The Anglican and Catholic churches have not yet made a statement but are unofficially pissed off that the Destiny church got in with what they wanted to say first.


  • 3rd - The rain finally stops. Along with much havoc.
  • 4th - On the scene reporter talking to rescue workers the morning after the rain stopped, the image of the collapsed cone of Mt Eden with all the stricken houses destroyed on the slope behind them.

"So how many people have been rescued in this area so far and how many more do you think are still trapped under the wreckage and mud?"

"We've rescued a lot, but there are still more here and this isn't the only place affected by major slips."

Image cuts to meteorologists in the studio

"…Freak occurance to persist for that length of time and then to cease so suddenly… Extensive flooding in Mangere, Onehunga, Panmure and Half Moon Bay, while Otahuhu has become partially submerged by the tidal wave that travelled up the estuary."

Images flash on screen of the flooding in Auckland, some from the torrential downpour and some from the tidal wave that swept in late last night damaging much property and causing more land slips along the Mangere Inlet and Tamaki River.

  • Combat rifles are set to become the preferred weapons of choice for police dealing with armed situations. Police say Bushmaster rifles, already used by armed offender squads members, have greater accuracy than the Glock pistols used at present. From July, nationwide training will ensure all officers are competent in using the rifle. Acting Assistant Commissioner Gavin Jones said while the Glock pistol would still be carried, the Bushmaster would be the preferred weapon for dealing with armed incidents. It had superior accuracy, and deploying the weapon more often would maximise the safety of both police and the public, he told Radio New Zealand.


  • 7th - Dominion pack hosted the monthly meeting. There were some non serious challenges between several people. After audience with Prince Grey the new Kindred Harpy Victor Kresswell held a meeting for the vampires where he announced that certain Kindred had status and positions removed. Mr. Kresswell made it clear that Status would be respected in the city and breaches of Status would be punished. This included the high clans (Daeva, Mehket and Ventrue) being held in higher regard than the low clans (Gangrel and Nosferatu). Melissa Barnett took great offense at this.
  • 5th - Seven people were admitted to Auckland Hospital with severe anemia last weekend. Doctors are concerned that this number may rise.
  • 5th - Senior practioners are calling for the closure of an online company that has been fraudulantly selling iron tablets and many other bogus pills to the unwitting public. The company "Drugs Online" has been selling their items under the names of reputable dietry supplement manufacturors.
  • 9th - A new computer virus has been reported by Microsoft. Called code V, it reportedly exploits a weakness in Windows by writing itself into the actual Operating system and lying dormant until activated. It propagates by attaching itself to any mail sent ONLY if any form of attachment is put on the e-mail from the infected computer. Symptoms are improved efficiency and faster processing. So far, no reports of it being activated have been reported.
  • Official police records showed a dramatic rise in looting over the April/May period. It has been attributed to the stretched emergency services.
  • 11th - A woman was found crucified in the crater of Mount Mangere a few days ago. Police reported the scene as gruesome and grizzly. The identity of the woman has not been released as yet as police are seeking next of kin.
  • 11th - The North Shore times has reported that Red V and Red Bull have suddenly become high-demand items, selling out in supermarkets and Dairies across the entire north shore. Doctors are warning that excessive consumption of either drink can lead to serious health problems. The drinks still continue to sell rapidly despite the warnings.
  • 11th - The north-eastern area of Waiheke Island from Man O’ War Bay road to the coast is to be made a bird and bush sanctuary. Rat, Cat and Dog elimination programs are being drawn up and the Auckland City Council has started purchasing land from land-owners in that are at Market rates.

• The waters for 10 km around the north of the island are to be made a no fishing/ no boating zone as well.
• Local Iwi are in full support and have entered into a join agreement with the city council to jointly manage the reserve.
• Local residents are not happy at what they see as a forced eviction and are threatening protest.

  • A concert is to be performed in late July at the Holy Trinity Cathedral of works from the Baroque Era. They are to be played on historically accurate instruments and voices trained in the style of singing from the mid 1700’s. A nominal door fee is to be charged.
  • An original score from Johann Sebastian Bach is to be put on display in the Auckland Museum in July for a period of one month before being auctioned with proceeds going to charity.
  • 26th - Over the last week several body parts have been found floating in the harbour, recently washed out from the stormwater system. Authorities believe that they belong to homeless people trapped in the flood waters, although they hesitate to guess at how many…
  • 28th - Posters are going up all the place.

"Have you seen this girl: A photo of a mid twenties female, pale skin, long brown hair. Kidnapped from Symonds St overpass bus stops on the 23rd of May. Any information please call 0800 - 555COPS."

In the same area, more posters.

"Have you seen this man: A photo of a late 30's male, polynesian, broad set features, short brown hair. Last seen on Symonds St heading towards the overpass on the 23rd of May at 10pm."

  • The next night, a new poster has been stapled over the top of the "Missing Girl" one.

This is the real killer. Last seen putting her in body bag. It is a police cover-up." A large sketch in the centre of the poster of a swarthy skinned, bald male in his early 30's. A smaller inset of the missing woman is included at the bottom.

OOC: The sketch is clearly Isten Kardja.


  • 5th - The Mages of St. James hosted the monthly meeting. The evening ended after a fire started in the middle of the room.
  • 2nd - The original posters are going up rapidly in areas ouside Grafton recovering the ones with the pictures of Isten

In the same area, more posters.

"Have you seen this man: A photo of a late 30's male, polynesian, broad set features, short brown hair. Last seen on Symonds St heading towards the overpass on the 23rd of May at 10pm."

  • 2nd - Latest international cannabis use figures prove that New Zealand is descending into "the world's gutters", says outspoken drug education expert Mike Sabin. A recent World Health Organisation survey using data from 17 countries found cannabis use was highest in the United States, at 42.4 per cent, closely followed by New Zealand at 41.9 per cent. The study also found New Zealand ranked second behind the US in terms of cocaine use, with 4.3 per cent of participants reporting having used the drug, compared with 16.2 per cent in the States.
  • 27th - M.A.R.S. has advised that they will be boycotting the this and decry it as evil. Leading spokes woman Ms Neilk has pointed out that this will be the big event of the year to boycott "With so many games on offer and such a large array of different ideas its bound to be sinful. Noone can fortell the kind of crazy things that will be going on there, People pretending to be other people or even other races that do not exist, dressing up and imagening philosophical thing should be heretical."


  • 28th - Increasing violence against police could result in officers being kitted out in full-body armour. Police headquarters has confirmed it is considering full-body protection for frontline staff, as the number of assaults on officers continues to rise. They have yet to determine exactly what sort of armour would be used but The Dominion Post reported that the possibilities ranged from extra protection for arms and legs to an all-over suit - similar in appearance to that in the film Robocop.


  • 2nd - The meeting was held at the Elysium. Security was heightened from usual. A Kindred Maori Princess with two bodyguards visited from Northland to meet with Prince Grey. She was apparently not happy about something. The Mages had a meeting. The werewolves left when their House was set alight. The Kindred had a meeting where Tyler Perry was made Master of Elysium for the next three months and Gideon White was made Sheriff. Status was granted and removed. Millie frenzied and was handcuffed by Gideon White and escorted out by him and Gabrielle white


  • 2nd - Police are one step closer to ending 24-hour liquor licensing in central Auckland with a popular city bar agreeing to a "lock-out" period. Concerns about high levels of alcohol-fuelled violence prompted police in July to ask Auckland City councillors to consider abolishing 24-hour liquor licensing. But Mayor John Banks opposed the idea, saying it would threaten efforts to earn the city a reputation for First World hospitality. Senior Sergeant Ben Offner said police had spoken to Globe bar in Darby St, a "problem area". Globe spokesman Peter Webster said it had agreed to a lock-out. Patrons are unable to get in after 1am on Wednesdays and 2am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The bar had previously let people inside up until closing time, which can be as late as 5am.
  • 6th - The meeting was held at the Greenlane Convention Centre hosted by the Savant pack. Tensions between the Supernaturals of the city and Tenguard Consortium rose. A meeting was held where Lu Al Salem told the city that Tenguard had kidnapped both herself and Vivian Gable and that action needed to be taken against them. The Grim pack declared that they were leaving to give Tenguard what they wanted. Lots of arguments ensued. George rang Gabrielle White and said that Ryan was giving Tenguard a sample of his flesh and that would end hostilities between Tenguard and the Grim pack. However if the rest of the pack also gave samples then Tenguard would not continue to seek retribution against the others in the city. Gabrielle took a vote and the majority voted against giving Tenguard what they wanted. Those that wanted to take action against the Tenguard left to do so. The few people that remained behind watched the action through a mages scrying spell.
  • There was an explosion at Tenguard Consortium's Britomart building.
  • 6th - Police responding to a break in at an asian food market on Saturday night where supprised to find a live tiger. Constable Johnson who was first to arrive on the scene said "Not what I was expecting we thought a couple of teens had broken in so we walked in bold as brass when all of a sudden this roar came out of the darkness and this bloody big cat which had been lying by the counter stood up." Animal control and the zoo soon arrived on the scene and captured the tiger with little difficulty. Spokesman from the Zoo advised that the tiger was in pretty bad shape and was undergoing surgery. Big cats are often valued between $25-30k US on the open market.
  • 10th - A new bakery and diner has opened in East Auckland. Pies and Pasties are the centrepiece of the menu. Called Carter ‘n’ Todd, they claim that their recipe dates back to Victorian England and is a close family secret. Food critics have been raving about the restaurant.
  • 10th - A city councillor is reportedly under investigation for trying to have a police officer fired for giving him a speeding ticket.
  • 10th - Pet stores have reported an increase in the sale of bird feeders and outdoor bird boxes, believed to be getting ready for spring.
  • 10th - Police have advised residents to beware of two gangs that are on the rise – The Hammerheads and the Turbines. Currently both are in West Auckland and while no laws have been broken yet, police say that there are indications that trouble has begun to brew.
  • 10th - Two houses in Mission Bay were destroyed in mysterious circumstances last night, according to the NZ Herald. There is no evidence of fire and no eye-witnesses have come forward. Initial reports state that it looks like the houses were taken to with a large number of sledgehammers.
  • 10th - PG Tips are releasing a new brand of Tea that they claim will help “soothe the mind and keep nightmares at bay.”
  • 10th - Technicians are working on a large computer mainframe within an experimental self contained community in an undisclosed location in East Auckland. Named “Selconsit” for Self Contained Situation, it has been affectionately dubbed Alpha Complex by one of the technicians in honour of a major character in a roleplaying game he enjoys and the name has caught on.

• Ms Neilk, the public spokeswoman for M.A.R.S. has said that allowing gamers to be computer technicians is dangerous and highly irresponsible.
• Mr G. Now, representing the technicians, has said that M.A.R.S. needs to realise that without geeks and gamers, a lot of the technological advances humanity enjoys would not exist.
• The Inspired Light Church has offered to mediate between the two groups and to ensure that there is a religious element within the technology so that those who eventually reside in this Alpha Complex will have spiritual guidance and do not become soulless.
• The Other major churches have made similar offers but according to the Sunday Star Times are supprised that someone beat the Destiny Church to the punchline.

  • 10th - Police recently reported a successful series of raids on three designer drug houses in west and south Auckland earlier this week. Dubbed “Operation Spearhead”, they successfully arrested several individuals on drugs charges and are holding more for questioning. The Sunday Star Times has reported that the police found severed body parts at one of the houses, indicating that it might have been used as a punishment centre.
  • 10th - A new broad spectrum anti-biotic ointment is being trialled at Greenlane and Auckland hospital. It is notable in that it helps kill dead and necrotic tissue of ulcers while encouraging skin to granulate. Only some patients are being offered the chance to try this and treatment is only given with full consent.
  • 10th - Foreign trampers have been reported missing in the bush of West Auckland. They were overdue 3 days ago Police and volunteers are investigating.
  • 10th - Botanists have reported seeing Pohutukawa trees starting to enter full bloom, several months early. Greenpeace has cited this as a marked sign of global warming. A botany student from Unitec has claimed responsibility, saying that they have been working on several trees to induce blooming out of season for the flower trade.
  • 10th - During a remote news interview on TV3 with the mayor of Auckland, the image of the mayor suddenly cut out and was replaced with the mayor of North Shore who was waiting to be interviewed later in the program. The interviewer looked highly puzzled for several moments before the mayor of Auckland returned to the screen. TV3 has dismissed the problem as a minor technical difficulty and has given no other information. The subject being discussed was the current state of crime in Greater Auckland.


  • 4th - The Gathering was held at The St. James. There were a number of new faces. There was a indoor soccer game held. A meeting of all the supernaturals was called by Raphael Harker but before the meeting could get underway it was revealled that their were black clad snipers on the roofs of neighbouring buildings. Some people escaped through an sewer escape organised by the St. James Mages. Others left through the front door hidden in a mob of people called by The Carthians. The Grim Pack just walked out the front door and hopped in their car.
  • 4th - Late on Saturday night between 6 and 10 people broke into the Tenguard Consortium building and attempted to set multiple bombs. It appears that the terrorists where only partially succesful and set off some of the explosives early trapping themselves in the building. At least two are dead and more are injured. In the ensuing confusion several managed to escape but at least one was captured by the police and has been assiting them with their inquiries. More to come as it is released.
  • 12th - Whilst the Australian Consulate has been linked with the identity suppression of the individual captured by police - the internet has once again come to the rescue of liberty and freedom of information.

A handycam image reveals a man, apparantly trapped on the 10th or 11th floor of the Tenguard building, smoke pouring out from a broken window. he's hailing firefighters who are in the process of erecting a ladder towards him, waving with one hand and in the other… what looks like…


The image is blurry, what with distance, darkness, heat and smoke all playing their part, and probably not helped by the poor resolution of the camera… but he looks like he's in his late 20's, dressed smart/casual and lightly bearded.


The Green Dawn claim responsibility for the terrorist attacks on the Tenguard!

For crimes against foreign workers and inhumane conditions that they are put through, aswell as their continued Rape and Pillaging of this Earth!

We will not stop nor will we regret any loss of life in this war!

What is the cost so far? Nothing compared to the cost of inaction!

Tenguard must be stopped!

Tenguard will be stopped!!

  • 17th - Many spinoffs of the internet released video by 'The Green Dawn' have started to appear. Many attacking McDonalds and Burger King, some countries and even Presidents have started to make their appearance all over the internet. They are taking over most blogs and/or forums that were previously discussing the Green Dawn and now have reduced the former subject to 'So last Week'.


  • 1st - The Master of Elysium, Tyler Perry, arranged for the gathering to be held at club X but when people arrived he organised a bus to take them to the secret location - a costume party for Halloween in a house out west, hosted by The Carthians. The costumes all looked great. The Carthians announced that they had brokered a truce with Tengard. If those supernaturals that attacked the Tengard building apologised sincerely for their actions then no further reprisals would be taken. Tengard would not attack any other of the Supernatural citizens and they were to in turn leave Tengard alone. Any member of the alliance that broke this truce was to be turned over to Tengard for punishment by his faction or Tengard would consider it an act of war by that faction.
  • 20th - White Island has erupted. Several tourist parties, staying overnight in the camping ground are yet to be located and two helicopters which were flying in the area are also yet to be heard from.


  • 4th - Since the lifting of the curfew in August, South Auckland has once again become the crime capital of New Zealand.
  • There have been a spate of assaults on taxi drivers, resulting in three deaths in the last week.
  • 6th - The gathering was hosted by The Grim pack. People were asked to bring a plate of food. The Kindred were specifically asked not to bring any people to feed on. Eric made an appearance. He took a Mage outside the gathering, and then Vivian Gable returned and said that Eric had beaten the Mage to death with his own arm for breaching his territory.

Note - does anyone else remember what announcements were made this game?



  • 1st - Tragedy struck today, when a passenger ferry in the Hauraki Gulf sunk. While all the passengers and crew escaped to the life boats, one over turned in the choppy waters and a passanger lost. Edward Baxter, age 26 is missing presumed drowned. Recently arrived in Auckland, the Auckland Central Police say that this noted criminal profiler, shall be missed.
  • 3rd - The gathering was held at the St. James, hosted by Leo Hayward. The Kindred announced Mourn as the new Kindred Sheriff, with the right to requisition aid from any Kindred. Dusan was announced as the new Kindred Harpy. Packs Grim and Dominion had a fight on the street outside where Russel Savage pulled a sword. Blast doors came down to protect those inside the St. James. Police arrived to break up the fight, and Pack Grim legged it.
  • 3rd - Henderson police say a 24-year-old man left a Glen Eden party after a fight early on Saturday, yelling that he was going to get his dogs, and then returned with two and let them loose on the partygoers. Police say two people received puncture wounds while a third was taken to hospital.
  • 3rd - Late evening on Saturday 3rd of January the skull of the Tyranosaurus Rex, Named Sue after her founder was stolen. In a bizzare twist the Theives left behind 15 roast dinners and a large amount of coffee. Museum staff are most upset and the exhibition is currently closed, Police advise they have several good leads and expect results shortly.
  • 5th - National has successfully managed to fast track its "Blue Card" bill Similler to the UKs new Green card National spokespeople have advised it will be much cheaper as the UK and US have already pioneered and developed the technology. Being touted as an "all in one" card the card will have fingerprint and Iris scans, as well as a photograph and other information. The Cards will be issued to new Immigrants and people in Secure and Delicate positions, This will replace the need for passports as ID for many and may also include drivers licence details.
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