General Rules

Rules of Elysium

This is a general announcement for all who attend Elysium, including Werewolves and Mages.

Traditional Elysiums are neutral ground, free from violence, safe for all kindred, where our Prince holds his court and are places where Kindred are free to conduct business and political discussions. They are places that are conducive to intellectual pursuits and reflect a sense of calm. They are the centre of Kindred activity.

Our Elysiums have been extended beyond that of just Kindred society. They are safe places for anyone who seeks them out including Uratha and Mages, who are willing to abide by the Rules of Elysium and follow Elysium etiquette.

The Masquerade will be maintained at all times whilst in Elysium. You never know who is watching and it ensures that Elysiums remain safe places. Only Human forms will be permitted in Elysium. This rule also extended to Uratha and Mages in any form other than Human. Anyone who Frenzies or commits other outbursts of anger at Elysium will at the very least be ejected. It is rude and insulting to others and could be deemed breaching Masquerade.

Hunting is forbidden within at least a block of Elysium. Use common sense when it comes hunting with proximity to an Elysium. Secrecy of these locations is of utmost importance.

Discipline, Magic, Gifts and Rites usage is forbidden in Elysium.

Elysiums are strictly free from violence. No acts of violence will ever be tolerated in Elysium.

Weapons are forbidden in Elysium. The classification of weapon has been extended to include any item that maybe used by a Mage as a focus or any Werewolf fetishes. All weapons must be checked at the door. Individuals permitted by the Prince to carry a weapon must still declare its presence to the Master of Elysium.

Attendees who bring guests are responsible for their guests behavior, you will be held accountable for any violations committed by companions.

Anyone found to be breaching any of the Rules of Elysium will suffer punishment as deemed appropriate by the Prince.

Dragan Vargus
-Master of Elysium-

Domains and Territories

Claimed Territories and Domains established in Auckland


Lord Andreas of the Mages: Claims the building of the St James theater, the ground below it, and the air above it, for the Mages. Passing through the air, or by the building is allowed, but loitering will not be tolerated.

Ginta the Mage: Claims Downtown Auckland

Mr Raymond Salisbury-Hill the Mage: Claims the Hills of Three Kings. Mr Salisbury-Hill requests half a day's notice before entering this Territory.


Deliah Swann: Part of Waitakere. This is an Accepted Domain by the Prince. Deliah requests half a day's notice before entering her Domain.

Gideon White: Western Springs and St Lukes. This is an Allocated Domain by the Prince. No Supernatural is to enter Western Springs without Gideon's prior permission. Any unauthorized Vampires caught inside the bounds of Western Springs will be handed over to the Prince in Torpor. Any unauthorised Werewolves or Mages caught in Western Springs will be killed. These measures are being instigated for the safety of the Supernaturals of this city. There are worse fates than death and torpor and they await those that enter Western Springs unprepared.

This area includes the Zoo, Motat and the playing fields and everything within the bounds of Great North Road, Bullock Track, Old Mill Road and Motions Road.

This declaration does not apply to other parts of Gideon's tenurial Domain (including St. Lukes) which can be entered freely and enjoyed by all.

Lilly:Claims the Other Half of Waitakere. From Swanson Road (southern border), to Don Buck Roundabout, Don Buck Road (Eastern Border) to Redhills Road Including the archery club on the opposite side, along Redhills Road and into the bush till you are parallel with Kay Road and then Down to where Kay joins Swanson Road.

Melissa Barnett: Claims Mount Eden as Public Space.


They Claim the Auckland Domain and some surround Area as Territory, and share it with pack Grrrm.

They Claim the Auckland Domain and some surround Area as Territory, and share it with pack Dominion.

They Claim the Base of One Tree Hill as their territory

Kindred Rules

Let it be known that these are the rules of our society, and should be adhered to forthwith, or suffer dire consequences.

Do not reveal your true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing so forfeits you your claim to the Blood.

Given this precarious state of affairs, breaching the Masquerade is usually viewed as one of the most grievous transgressions one of the Kindred can commit. Depending on the Prince's decision of Punishment, more damaging breaches can be viewed as grounds for the Final Death of the transgressor. We have noted in Auckland that exposing the existence of Werewolves and Mages is not counted as breaching the Masquerade in the eyes of the Prince. Only the revealing existence of Kindred is assumed to be relevant, therefore.

Sire another at the peril of both yourself and your progeny. If you create a Childe, the weight is your own to bear.

"Peril of oneself and Progeny" should especially be concidered if one does it without asking Permission of the Prince first. It should be noted our Prince does not seem to be too impressed if one creates Ghouls haphazardly either, at least, the human variety..

You are forbidden from devouring the heartsblood of another of your kind. If you violate this commandment, the Beast calls to your own Blood.

..Or unless you have the Prince's permission. But we digress.

In order to continue the unity and co-operation between Kindred in this city, the following extra rules were decided on by a Majority vote of kindred. Though there were abstentions on some of the votes, no Kindred present voted against them.

*A Kindred in Prince Grey's Domain shall not cause the Final Death or Permanent incapacitation to another Kindred of the same, unless on the behest of the Prince.

I have been informed that apparently Werewolves and Mages are not considered in this ruling. Make of that what you will.

*Any Rules set by a Kindred of Auckland on Entering their tenurial Domain should be heeded before entering that tenurial Domain. Unless that Kindred has specified that there are no rules required to be followed upon entering the tenurial Domain, Trespassers should be warned that they may be punishable by any method chosen (save for the Final Death, permanent incapacitation or permanent banishment from the Prince's Domain, of course) by the governing Kindred, and unannounced entry is at own risk. After being apprehended, the offender should then be immediately delivered to the Prince.

All the locations of known remaining tenurial Domains so far have been announced, so there is no excuse for ignorance, really. Claims are not equal to tenurial Domain. Anyone wishing to have a tenurial Domain should make appropriate enquiries to the Prince.

Forsaken Rules

Awakened Rules

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