House Rules

Earning XP

  • 1. I turned up
  • 2. In costume
  • 3. In character
  • 4. It was a good costume (Photos will be taken at every game to assist mediocre ST memory)
  • 5. Good roleplaying (ST judged)
  • 6. Handed in actions for the month at the end of the game or emailed them before the Second Saturday had ended (no email/paper, no exp, no actions.)
  • 7. Created a plot line
  • 8. Was actively involved in a plot line
  • 9. Someone else liked my costume
  • 10. Someone else like my roleplaying
  • 11. I got the most votes for my roleplaying
  • 12. I got the most votes for my costume
  • 13. I voted for other people's roleplaying and/or costume
  • 14. Mortal Danger. Aka "death wish", "stupidity", etc
  • 15. Was involved in a valid cut scene with the GMs (usually means you will be receiving number 14)
  • 16. Played an NPC at the St's request during the monthly game (exp for this varies)
  • 17. This was my first game
  • 18. I chaperoned someone else through their first game

Downtime House Rules


In the month between games you have 4 actions. 1 per week.

These actions include:

  • Learning Skills
  • Boosting Stats
  • Learning Disciplines/Rites/Rituals/Rotes and any other woojie stuff
  • Investigating something
  • Recovering from Aggravated damage (one action many wounds)
  • Creating/Buying a 'major' thing
  • Performing a 'Player Initiated' cut-scene not already linked to an action

Free things:

  • Recovering Health/Willpower (Willpower gained back at rate of 1 per week. Health recovery as per standard rules.
  • Using Contacts/Allies (But not going with them to do stuff)
  • Purchasing sundries
  • Stretching, yawning and scratching your collective asses
  • If you're alive you get to work during the day, if not you get to sleep.


Retainers may perform ONE action each month. However you will not be in control. ST's will conduct the scene and one of us will play Devil's advocate, the other will try to kill off the Retainer… draws will be made.

We plan on drawing up a Brief Char sheet for all Retainers and adding them to our stack of NPC's… after all that's what they are except you have somewhat exclusive access to them.


Allies may also perform an action for you throughout the month. The more dots you have the more powerful the action attempted may be OR the more chance of success of minor actions OR the more minor actions that may be performed.

Fighting Styles

If you wish to maintain your skill level at 3 or higher you will need to spend an action.

X person has martial arts at 4 and boxing at 2. They will have to spend one action per month to maintain their level of martial arts excellence or it will begin to drop. If it drops they will not have to spend XP to buy it back but they will have to spend time getting it back.

Y person has Boxing 4 and martial arts 3. they will have to spend two actions a month to maintain their amazingly high levels of competence. if they only have one action left after doing everything they wish, they may choose (with their one remaining action) which one they will maintain.

Z person has Two weapon fighting 4, boxing 5, and martial arts 4. This will require 3 actions each and every month to maintain. As per example Y they may choose which ones to maintain and which to let slip if they do not have enough actions.

If your actions do not have actions dedicated to maintining your Fighting Styles that are level 3 or higher expect to see them reduced.

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