Current Kindred Inhabitants

Positions of Office

Prince: Prince Grey, Ventrue of the Invictus
Seneschal: ~None Allocated as yet~
Herald: Deliah Swann, Daeva of the Circle of the Crone
Master of Elysium: Tyler Perry, Ventrue of the Circle of the Crone
Sheriff: Mourn, Daeva, of the Carthian Movement
Hounds: Jimmy, Lilly, Tyler Perry, Amanda Pinochet Black
Prince's Harpy: Dusan, Daeva of the Circle of the Crone
Priscus Harpy: ~None Allocated as yet~

Covenant Speakers:

The Carthian Movement Primogen: Gabrielle White, Mehket
The Circle of the Crone Primogen: Deliah Swann, Daeva
The Invictus Primogen: Allistaire Thompson,Ventrue
The Lancea Sanctum Primogen: Nima, Nosferatu
The Ordo Dracul Primogen: Jimmy, Gangrel
The Unaligned No Primogen

Ascendant Covenant last month: The Carthian Movement
Contender Covenant last month: The Circle of the Crone

Clan Positions

Daeva Speaker: Vanessa Bridges of the Circle of the Crone
Gangrel Speaker: Jimmy of the Ordo Dracul
Mekhet Speaker: Gabrielle White of the Carthian Movement
Nosferatu Speaker: Melissa Barnett of the Carthian Movement
Ventrue Speaker: ~Unknown~

Eminent Clan Last Month: Mekhet/Gangrel tied
Rival Clan Last month:


Deliah Swann, Jack, Mourn, Sophia Reins, Vanessa Bridges, Victor Kresswell, Dusan


Jimmy, Lilly, Jack Wolfe


Drake Septimus, Gabrielle White, Cassandra Blake, Mr. Tyler, Jacob Black


Melissa Barnett, Nima


Allistaire Thompson, Antoinette Ingrams, Tyler Perry, Prince Grey

Former Kindred Inhabitants

Dr. Thomas Young
Anton Vasile,
Dragan Vargus
Isten Kardja
Professor Mikhail
Zsofia Anastaz

Those Lost to the Final Death

Gideon White, Gangrel of The Carthian Movement. Died in an explosion.
Robin: Found out that trying to Ghoul a Salty is a bad idea..

Unaccounted for

Theodore Reins - Missing
Clyde Carver - Missing after the Attack on Tengard

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