Victor Nicholas Kresswell

General Information

Name Victor Nicholas Kresswell
Clan Daeva
Covenant Invictus
Status Valued •••
Player Robbo

Sire: Unknown
Bloodline: Unknown
Notable Traits: Striking Looks ••
Titles: Harpy
Coteries/Societies: Unknown

IC History

Moved to the city a few short months ago from Europe/England.

Public Knowledge

After arriving in Auckland, moved very quickly to secure a position within society.
Seems to be pushing an agenda of social politeness under layered with social Darwinism… and what ever the Prince is enjoying this moment.
Doesn't appear to have great respect for the Carthians

IC Rumours

Good luck in getting a straight answer.
Was originally Lancea Sanctum.
Was originally a Carthian.

IC Quotes

"Could I speak to you for just a moment?"

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