Vivian Gable

General Information

Name Vivian Gable
Pack Dominion
Auspice Not publically known
Tribe Not publically known
Renown Not publically known
Player Anna

IC History

Started attending Auckland Gathers in April 2008 with the Dominion pack, and has since attended a number of events with same company.

Public Knowledge

Vivian is a paramedic that works for Auckland Hospital. She lives in Kohimarama and drives a grey 1994 Toyota Hilux Surf. Her brother, Peter Gable recently arrived in the community and is another werewolf.

IC Rumours

Rumours say that she's not actually a proper werewolf and that she's some sort of a "werewolf-ghoul".
Other rumours say that she has joined Pack Grim.
Is apparently involved with the vampire Alistaire Thompson

IC Quotes

"Look, I know I'm the new kid around here, but…"
"Seriously, drinking blood is really dangerous. And gross. Oh, you're a vampire? Uh…sorry. Um. It's probably not that bad for you to drink blood. Sorry."
"My life is a horror movie."

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