About This Wiki

This wiki is for current and new players of the Auckland Interesting Times Mind's Eye Theatre LARP.

The infomation in this Wiki is OOC information.
Common sense should be applied with regards to the information here. Just because something is written here doesn't automatically mean your character knows it. Characters may not know everything about other characters, especially characters from a different faction from your own, or new characters.
Anthing written on a character page may or may not be true. If you choose to disregard this warning and use OOC information IC then you only have yourself to blame if it turns out to be complete and utter crap.

When editing your own character's page, Public Knowledge should include information that is reasonably likely to be known. Public Knowledge does not have to be true, merely what is thought to be the truth.
IC rumours is information that others may have heard, and may or may not be true.

When editing other people's character pages, please only edit IC Rumours or IC Quotes. IC Rumours should be things that you have heard in game or during downtime. This wiki should not be used to start rumours, that should be done in game. If a player edits your page with a rumour that you do not feel is appropriate then remove it from your page.

Please do not post pictures or information about other people without their approval.

To edit your character page, please register. Then find your character link under the appropriate supernatural race. Click on your name, and then click to create page. You can then choose the appropriate supernatural template and fill in the details. If you need assistance please PM Gabrielle White on the Interesting Times Forums. Clicking on the link when logged in will instantly create a PM!

PM Gabrielle White

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